Critical Reflection in Professional Learning and Practice

This Course explored different theoretical understandings of reflection, interrogated the construct of the reflective practitioner and associated ideas, and examined ways in which I can develop critical skills which will enhance my professional knowledge, understandings and practice.

I can now:

  • outline the theoretical debates relating to the concepts of reflection and critical reflection
  • analyse the relationship between critical reflection and professional practice
  • detail the issues surrounding the relationship between professional development and practice
  • consider critically the role of experience, emotion, cognition and identity in the development of professionals in educational contexts.
  • use reflective writing skills to examine my practice

The course was assessed in two parts.

Part 1: Critical Reflection

The first part is a critical reflection on my development as an educator. I considered what have been some of the seminal experiences to date and outlined these briefly . I placed these critical experiences that have shaped my development as an educator within the broader historical, socio-political and educational landscapes, drawing on the literature and policy materials in my own area of specialism in education as well as the core readings in the Course. In this part of the assignment I was asked to display my skill in critically reflective writing. (2000 words)

Part 2: Insights Gained

In the second part of the assignment I was asked to consider what I gained from this process of critical reflection. Here I drew from the range of materials on critical reflection, professional learning and practice that I read in course one. This part was also critically reflective writing. (3000 words)

Evidence (password protected)

My assignment, grade and tutor feedback are available on request.


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