Education Policy

1″Professional lives are lived in a world that is delineated by policy. Its horizons and limits, its imperatives and authoritatively endorsed values, its roles, procedures, practices and modes of organisation and governance are embodied in policy. Policy defines both the rules of the game and the state of play in professional contexts. The function, duties and official concerns of professionals, and importantly change within the context of professional labour, are enacted and governed through policy.

The development of what we will call policy literacy along with an enhanced understanding of the theoretical approaches that both underpin policy and that can be useful for the analysis of policy are at the heart of this Course.”

This course equipped me with the following capacities:

  • a capacity to analyse and interrogate policy critically
  • a capacity to expose ideological, political, sociological and philosophical dimensions of policies
  • the capacity to engage critically with policy frameworks in relation to professional roles, institutions, contexts and theoretical assumptions with attention to different levels of effect and their interaction.

I also:

  • understand the meanings attached to policy
  • appreciate a conception of policy and the policy field as complex and multidimensional
  • have knowledge of the policy process and models of policy making
  • are aware of policy as a field of academic study
  • are aware of different perspectives on policy scholarship arising from diverse theoretical, philosophical and institutional contexts and commitments
  • are aware of the influence of futures thinking on the policy climate.



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