Advanced Instructional Design

“Instructional design has evolved beyond the development of static, stand-alone information systems or simple presentations. Modern on-line e-learning applications require dynamic content to facilitate and enhance the user experience. To enable the creation of such interfaces, specialist programming languages and associated tools are available. This module will provide students with the requisite knowledge of these tools and provide opportunities for their practical application.”

from module description.

What I’ve learned:

  • I can employ effectively a range of tools for the construction of interactive instructional design solutions
  • I can develop web pages containing content which is generated at run-time
  • I can evaluate the relevance of advanced interaction technologies to educational scenarios
  • I can compare and evaluate open source and propriety software technologies for advanced instructional design
  • I can select appropriate technologies to solve a given interactive educational problem

Skills I’ve developed:

  • matching of off-the-shelf and/or bespoke solutions to e-learning scenarios
  • reflective learning
  • application of Apache, MySQL and PHP using WAMP
  • application of advanced technologies
  • awareness of accessibility and usability and use of tools to support this

Evidence (password protected – please contact me via this form to request access):

  • Assignment
  • Resource
  • Final Grade: 80%

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