Instructional Design

“This module will enhance students’ ability to take a professional approach to instructional design and interface development. This module will aim to broaden the depth of students’ knowledge of HCI concepts and to present a practical and pragmatic approach to web site design and evaluation. This module will enable students to appreciate current and future directions in instructional design, and to critically reflect on user interaction processes and their impact on on-line learning resources. Assessment is entirely project based.”

from module description.

Areas explored:

  • I am aware of significant developments in instructional design and interactive educational computing

Things I can do:

  • I am able to critically evaluate the application of instructional design in an interactive educational computing context
  • I can apply design theory to the development of a learning resource:
    • storyboard of screen design and navigation flowchart
    • application of basic and advanced technologies including form elements and multimedia elements such as animated GIFs and streamed video files
    • awareness of accessibility and usability issues

Evidence (password protected – please contact me via this form to request access):

  • Assignment
  • Resource
  • Final grade: 72%

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