Learning in Networked Communities

“The application of web-based learning in education and training is significantly changing the remit and design of the classroom/workshop constructs. This module enables practitioners to investigate collaborative learning practices using models of learning and effective teaching as benchmarks for their own personal and professional development. The primary aim of the module is to encourage tutors to become curriculum managers, understanding the need to design and interact differently across new communities of social and corporate practices.”

from module description.

What I’ve learned:

  • I can plan and implement a strategy for collaborative learning taking into account learner styles and accessibility
  • I can assess that learning in a variety of ways
  • I know how to evaluate and evolve the process in order to improve the quality of future projects
  • I have learned the value of planning and including tactics to engage learners

New areas of knowledge explored:

  • The foundations of social learning theory and how it has contributed to current thinking
  • The latest news in social learning
  • Other learning theories particularly related to language learning e.g. schema theory
  • The variety of learning and teaching styles
  • How to evaluate accessibility
  • Copyright issues
  • Learning doesn’t always require participation!

The skills I’ve developed:

  • I can access an increased amount of online resources e.g. using Athens
  • I can use Pronto, WebCT and Wetpaint
  • I have learned how to create CSS Stylesheets; DPA issues; cell transport; Internet Safety Issues and Simpson’s Rule for estimating the area of irregular shapes (like Ireland!)
  • I can assess learning and teaching outcomes

The use and benefit of my personal network:

  • The contribution and encouragement from the group was critical to the completion of this assignment and their participation and feedback created a collaborative learning environment
  • The larger group and the course itself was an ongoing representation of the subject content and relating theory to practice (seeing it in the context of LINC) made this a more valuable learning experience

Evidence (password protected – please contact me via this form to request access):

  • Assignment
  • Resource (requires registration to wetpaint wiki)
  • Final grade 70%

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