Teaching Technologies

“This module provides an understanding of the technology used in various educational applications. Existing and emerging aspects of this technology are investigated and the development of tools to assist teaching and learning is assessed.”

from module description

The skills I’ve developed:

  • I can provide reflective evidence of material covered in a concise yet informative way
  • I can create and edit a podcast using Audacity
  • I can make effective teaching content available on Moodle applying best practice in instructional design
  • I can teach myself how to use emerging technologies
  • I can participate in a discussion with my peers to appraise and defend work (collaborative learning)

New areas of knowledge explored:

  • RSS, blogs, wikis and podcasts as communicative and collaborative tools for learning
  • Moodle background, features, technical requirements, pedagogy and comparison to WebCT
  • Emerging technologies (e.g. social bookmarking)
  • mLearning, supercomputers, distance learning, file-sharing, cookies, communication tools

Evidence (password protected – please contact me via this form to request access):

  • Assignment
  • Final Grade 66%

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